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Whitby Town Council

Councillors and Clerks

Members of The Council - May 2015

If you wish to contact one of the Councillors or the Clerks, click here for a full list of telephone numbers.

(Please note that all seats in the Ruswarp Ward are vacant.)

Present Mayor & Deputy Mayor

Cllr. Mrs Noreen Wilson
Town Mayor

Cllr. Rebecca Pearson
Deputy Mayor

Abbey Ward

Cllr. Dennis Collins

Cllr. Ms Rebecca Pearson

Cllr. Mrs Amanda Smith

Cllr. Steve Smith

Cllr. Ms Linda Wild

Stakesby Ward

Cllr. John Freeman

Cllr. Terrence Jennison

Cllr. Mrs Noreen Wilson

Cllr. Philip Trumper

Town North Ward

Cllr. Jonathan Harston

Town South Ward

Cllr. Ian Havelock

Cllr. Ms Heather Coughlan

West Cliff Ward

Cllr. Natalie Smith


Council Staff

Pamela Dobson
Town Clerk/RFO

Anne Cowey
Deputy Cerk/Civic Officer

Lisa White
Assistant/Website Admin

Town Bugler

Ellie Paxton
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