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Whitby Town Council

How To Get To Whitby

View an interactive map of Whitby and the surrounding area here...

By Car & Bike

From the North, take the A171 out of Guisbrough, and follow the road across the rolling hills until you're suddenly greeted by a panoramic view of Whitby and the sea. Keep following the road all the way, and you'll arrive in the town. (See note below about parking in Whitby)

From the South, West and South West, follow the A64 from York, then take the A169 from Malton, through Pickering and then across the North Yorkshire Moors, with stunning panoramic views. Stay on the 169 all the way down Blue Bank, through Sleights, and up the other side of the valley to a roundabout connecting you with the A171. Turn right, and follow the road all the way into town. (see note below about parking in Whitby)

From the South East (the East UK coast), follow the A171 coast road North from Scarborough. Stay on the road all the way into Whitby. (see note below about parking in Whitby)

PARKING IN WHITBY: Parking in Whitby is problematic at times, especially on holiday weekends but generally whenever the weather is good and/or there's something going on. Various extra parking is laid on at these times, and plans are afoot for more, so as you approach the town, please look out for signs guiding you to appropriate parking locations. If you can, avoid driving all the way into the town centre. You will almost certainly not find parking in the centre, and movement is very very slow. The largest area of parking is on the West Cliff, close to the very large and noticable Metropole Hotel and the children's amusement area. Expect to have to walk about a quarter of a mile from here to reach the town centre. If you can, come to Whitby by bus or train - see below. Please note that a lot of the town has been placed under disk parking. Parking disks can be obtained at Whitby's Tourist Information Centre on Langbourne Road, opposite the Co-Op. If you have any parking queries, contact Parking Services at Scarborough Borough Council. Click here to view a map of the parking zones in Whitby.

Whitby Park & Ride: Whitby now has a park and ride on the approach to Whitby from the direction of Middlesborough. If you would like more information click here.

By Bus

From all directions except the North (Scarborough, Bridlington, Leeds, York, Malton etc), use the Coastliner service. Full online schedules are available on their excellent web site here:

From the North, come to Middlesbrough, then use either the X4 or X93 bus services to Whitby. The X4 runs through all of the villages including Loftus and Staithes. To down the timetable for the X4, click here. To download the timetable for the X93, click here.

By Train

Most trains to Whitby come via Middlesbrough. The route follows the Esk Valley through some stunning countryside with wooded valleys, bridges and of course, the river Esk itself. It's worth taking a trip on the train just for the views. For full train timetables to Whitby, use The Trainline:

Another way to get the train to Whitby is to make your way to Pickering, then take the steam train service across the North Yorkshire Moors to Grosmont, where you must change trains and travel the last 10 miles into the centre of the town. The journey across the moors is stunning, and the carefully restored steam trains add to the magic of this Hogwart's Express type experience. Grosmont and Pickering stations were used as locations for the production of some of the Harry Potter movies!

Bear in mind that the steam train services are limited, and may well be booked up in advance. See schedules and booking information here:

(All information gathered from Whitby Online. Parking Zones map courtesy of Scarborough Borough Council.)