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Town Clerk: Michael King
Whitby Town Council, Pannett
Park, Whitby, North Yorkshire
YO21 1RE

Honorary Freeman

From time to time, members of the community demonstrate outstanding commitment and contribution to the wellbeing of the Town and it is recognised that their efforts should be acknowledged. The Council will do this, in special circumstances that meet the criteria of this policy, by awarding to an individual the title of 'Honorary Freeman (or Honorary Freewoman) of the Town of Whitby'. This honour will be awarded only on rare and exceptional occasions.

To be considered, a person must have been a resident of the Parish of Whitby for a minimum of 15 years and must have given continuous voluntary service over 10 years. He/she must have given special service over 5 years ('special' defined as having given service of themselves to the Town in their own particular way). A current serving member of a Local Authority cannot be nominated. The following criteria must be met to nominate a past member of Whitby Town Council. The nominee must have served a minimum of 15 years on Whitby Town Council. During the 15 year period the nominee must have served as either Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chairman or Vice-Chairman of a Town Council Committee.

Nomination forms should be returned by 31 December prior to the year in which the award is made. The nominations will be resolved by Full Council before the end of March in the award year and the title will be conferred by the Town Mayor at the Town Assembly in April.

See the Policy and Application Form (link below) for more details.