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Whitby Town Council are Flushed with Success

Whitby Town Council are delighted to announce that the Public Toilets in Whitby have won 2 gold and 3 platinum awards at this year's Loo of the Year awards.

The Loo of the Year Awards are run by the British Toilet Association to celebrate the best public toilets in the United Kingdom, and to promote high standards.

It receives support from a number of companies working in the field along with the national tourism boards of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Any type of public facility (what the British Toilet Association calls an 'away from home' toilet) can be nominated for consideration. There are thirty-six different award categories in all.

Anonymous inspectors are sent out to score the standard of the competing toilets which are judged on both male and female facilities, as well as any baby changing and accessible facilities provided. The criteria include cleanliness, decor, signage, accessibility and customer care.

Whitby Town Council took over running the public toilets in the town in July 2017 and have been working with Danfo UK to significantly upgrade all the facilities and to manage the running of these amenities.

Winning these awards is a major achievement and a great endorsement of all the work Danfo and Whitby Town Council have put into improving the public conveniences around the town.

Posted: Thu, 15 Nov 2018 09:37 by Lisa

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