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Letter from the Mayor

Dear Whitby People

I want to take this opportunity as Mayor of Whitby and on behalf of Whitby Town Council, to thank everyone in the community for the way you are tackling the COVID-19 crisis. You are showing and continue to show, true spirit by staying at home and supporting each other with practicality and kindness.

As a Town we feel a deep sense of gratitude towards the National Health Service, the Emergency Services and all key workers, this includes, carers, retail workers, postal workers, refuse collectors, people delivering food and many more people who go out into the community on a daily basis to do their jobs and help us all. This gratitude binds us all together.

The response of individuals and local organisations has been outstanding. The love and care given to each other; the well, the ill and the vulnerable in our community is an absolute tribute to everyone who is helping at this time of crisis.

At this time of unprecedented events there are organisations there to help anyone whatever the help required maybe. Organisations such as CAVCA supported by Revival North Yorkshire for Esk Valley are the community support organisation covering Whitby as part of the network of support being coordinated by NYCC and will provide assistance or point you in the right direction. The town council is using its website to point to this and other useful information.

Charitable groups and the Food Bank and all volunteers are doing a terrific job. The groups on social media such as Stronger Together set up by residents in Whitby are doing an important job of relaying information about government directives, which businesses are delivering food and generally giving out all useful information.

I am proud to be the Mayor of Whitby and have never been more proud due to the way everyone is pulling together and helping each other. I can only encourage everyone with kindness to keep up their spirits and carry on helping each other through this crisis. Whitby is a special place and the people who live here are proving how special they are.

Keep going Whitby!

Cllr Linda Wild, Town Mayor of Whitby

Posted: Mon, 20 Apr 2020 09:49 by Michael King

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