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Town Clerk: Michael King
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Covid-19 – Keeping alert

Whitby Town Council is urging local people and visitors to Whitby to follow the 'rule of six' and the other national guidelines on social distancing and hand hygiene and to be prepared to do whatever is necessary to stem the spread of a second wave of Covid-19.

Richard Flinton, the Chief Executive of North Yorkshire County Council, which is the public health authority covering Whitby has written, "we are stepping up our oversight and management once again and to do this we will reinstate what we call a 'major incident' status - we will be communicating some very important messages with you over the coming days and weeks. Your response to the 'asks' we put to you will be critical. Only your actions – the choices each and every one of you make in the days and weeks ahead – will turn the tide in the areas where we are seeing worry positive cases rise and help protect those where we are not. To be clear, we cannot do this without your support."

Exhorting people to heed this warning, Cllr Linda Wild, Town Mayor of Whitby, said, "The measures brought in today across north east England are a reminder of how quickly the Corona virus can re-emerge in local communities. We know we have faced positive tests locally and now these are causing concern with our own public health authority."

Posted: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 15:48 by Michael King

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