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Whitby Town Council is actively involved in the Whitby Town Deal - this is a government project to define and shape economic and social development in Whitby.

The town deal board has created a list of Questions and Answers about the project. You'll also find posts on social media with the tag #MyTown Whitby.

What is the Town Deal?

The Towns Fund Deal is a government-funded £3.6 billion opportunity for towns throughout England to bid for funds to improve skills, digital and transport connectivity, create new jobs, raise aspiration and revitalise the economic prospects of the area. Economic growth is a key part of the deal and each town can suggest how it thinks this could be achieved.

A total of 101 towns have been invited to bid for up to £25m. The towns range from Blackpool to Bedford, Torquay to Truro, and include both Scarborough and Whitby. They are invited to develop Town Investment Plans and submit competitive bids for a share of the Towns Fund. The scheme was launched to the public in January 2020.

Communities, businesses and local leaders in Scarborough and Whitby are drawing up ambitious plans to transform their towns' prosperity prospects with a focus that embraces improved transport, digital connectivity, business, skills and culture.

In order to apply for the Government funding, each of the Towns must write and submit an evidence-based Investment Plan by September 2020 and importantly, the investment plan must be derived from community and stakeholder consultation and input.

Your opinion is crucial to our success. This is your opportunity to say where you would go to in a revitalised town, how you will and travel; and what kind of things you would be doing with family or friends.

What does it mean for Whitby?

The Whitby Town Deal can bid for up to £25m to further enhance its economic growth and heritage, improve skills and upgrade digital and transport connectivity.

Your views on what is great about living in Whitby and what shape the town's vision for the next 10 to 15 years, to stimulate greater economic, cultural and social wellbeing are vital. This will include seeking people's opinion on emerging regeneration projects and ideas for future projects.

The geographical scope for Whitby's bid to the Towns Fund covers the urban area and Whitby Business Park and the area of Ruswarp.

What are the objectives?

These are the six over-arching Whitby themes:

  • Skills and Enterprise
  • Heritage, culture and special places
  • Connectivity
  • Community well-being
  • Live here, work and learn anywhere – local infrastructure
  • Sustainability and Resilience

How were those objectives chosen?

They arose from the range of public meetings in both Scarborough and Whitby, meetings with particular interest groups and businesses and community groups, in addition to comments submitted by the public on the #mytown debate at the website mytown.communities.gov.uk/

You can still contribute to the discussion and add your input as well as give your view on what the themes could include.

Why is public engagement important?

It is important that all sections of the communities say how they think the towns can grow and improve. Councils and community representatives cannot do everything and don't claim to have the best ideas - and the contributions of a large number of individuals makes for better, active and more dynamic towns.

Thanks to your valuable feedback and contributions so far, the Town Deals for Scarborough and Whitby are on track to help create an exciting, brighter future based on major new investment.

But more engagement is needed and desirable so that the submissions to the government reflect the widest possible interaction - and because the more opinion that arises, the more creative, relevant and stronger both the Scarborough and Whitby bids can be.

What is the consultation process?

You can say what you would you like to see under any one or all the six themes. You can help to reflect the views of the entire community to look to the future – please join the discussions and have your say on a new vision for 2035.

The more varied and inspired the ideas, the more chance we will have to secure the transformational investment in this competitive bidding process.

There are has been a series of public engagements, involving public meetings in both Scarborough and Whitby, meetings with particular interest groups.
There are dedicated online and social media sites which are encouraging opinion and hundreds of people have been contacted directly to join the debate.
Local media has also published articles on the Town Deal.

With the oversight and strategic direction of a member of the Town Deal boards, there will be the development of evidence-based proposals in and around Scarborough and in and around Whitby. This will involve further public engagement. Such proposals must be developed in readiness before September 2020.

What about the younger generation and other consultations?

Young people and youth groups are very important to the creation of the Town investment plan. They are being contacted to make sure that the voice of the next generation is included as their ideas are crucial to the outcomes. A number of case studies with a questionnaire on the Town Deal aspirations are being undertaken with a mix of both residents and visitors. If you would like to receive the questionnaire, please use the email address given below.

How can individuals give their opinions?

It's an easy process to share your views, please go the official Town Deal Funds #mytown website https://mytown.communities.gov.uk/

On that site you can also read what other people have already suggested for both Scarborough and Whitby.

Or you can contribute to the social media exchanges on Twitter for Whitby @WMytown

Or you can also give your view at the Whitby Town Council Facebook site

Or by email at info@whitbytowncouncil.gov.uk

I have a question not answered here … how do I raise it?

By email please to info@whitbytowncouncil.gov.uk

Who is steering the Town Deals locally?

There are two steering boards - one for Whitby and one for Scarborough.

The Whitby group is chaired by Gareth Edmunds and the deputy chairman is Barry Harland. Other members include Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council, Hawsker-Cum-Stainsacre Parish Council, Whitby Town Council, the borough and county councils, Beyond Housing, Whitby Civic Society, Coast and Vale Community Action and York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, Historic England, Port Authority SBC, Scarborough and Whitby MP Robert Goodwill, the North York Moors National Park Authority, Whitby Secondary Partnership (including the Caedmon College and Eskdale School federation in rotating membership), Aecom, Four Tigers Media.

The Scarborough group is chaired by David Kerfoot MBE DL and the deputy chairman is James Farrar. Other members include Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council, Beyond Housing, Coast and Vale Community Action, York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, Newby & Scalby Parish Council, Seamer Parish Council, Sirius Minerals, Save 9, Beyond Housing, CU Scarborough, the Scarborough Business Ambassadors, Scarborough UTC, Scarborough Town Centre Strategy Team, English Heritage, Aecom, Four Tigers Media.

What about Filey?

Although Filey was not be included as one of the 101 towns in the Ministry of Homes, Communities and Local Government Town Deal programme, Scarborough Borough Council has undertaken to work with local stakeholders and the community of Filey to carry out a similar process over the coming months; and ensure the town of Filey is part of a borough-wide strategy for growth and prosperity.

What are the Town Deal timescales?

The final proposals will be agreed by the Scarborough and Whitby Town Boards and Scarborough Borough Council for submission to the government by September 2020.

The stages are ...

By the end of May: the project refined with supporting evidence
June: further consideration and scrutiny of the project
July: plans developed
August: blueprint produced
August end: submission of the final Town Deal plans for Scarborough and Whitby
September: the Town Deal Investment Plans completed

How do the Town Deals fit in with other projects that are also underway?

There are other schemes currently which also aim to enhance and improve the area:

Build a Better Borough – Consultation is ongoing to inform the drafting of a new framework for the betterment of the delivery of Borough Council services in support of the communities it serves. This includes consultation on proposed actions for town centre improvements, a better environment and good growth to make a significant contribution towards a safer, more attractive area.

But the Town Deal covers a wider area, not just Whitby and Scarborough towns and its aims also differ in being aimed at a longer-term vision, creating permanent infrastructure and economic growth, and expanding jobs and skills expansion by 2035.

The Future High Street Fund: Scarborough is one of 100 towns invited to bid for The Future High Street Fund of up to £10m, a government scheme to help rejuvenate town centres. But the Town Deal covers a wider area, not just Scarborough town and its aims also differ in being aimed at a longer term vision, creating permanent infrastructure and economic growth, and expanding jobs and skills expansion by 2035.

Heritage Area Action Zone: Scarborough is one of 69 towns shortlisted for the Heritage High Street Fund of up to £2m. Known as the Scarborough HAZ, if successful this project will cover the lower part of historic Newborough and Eastborough area of Scarborough (as far as Merchants Row).

The DBiD: The Yorkshire Coast Business Improvement District covers a much coastal wider geography and is not intended to address matters which would normally be covered by council services, creating new leisure and tourism events, festivals, markets and general extra improvements. The DBiD comprises 1,300 businesses from Staithes in the north to Spurn Point in the south.